Thornhill joins nation’s largest minority tech council

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Southfield, Michigan (June 26, 2017) – Southfield, Michigan-based Thornhill Communications LLC, has joined the National Minority Technology Council (NMTC), a Virginia-based 501c6 non-stock trade association representing the over 65,000 US based minority technology companies. The core purpose of the National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) is to help its members become more profitable and successful. The Minority Technology Industry is a vibrant, fast growing and viable business segment with a combined annual revenue estimated at over $100 billion.

Thornhill Communications is a full-service communications, public relations, and marketing consulting firm founded in 2009 by its president and chief executive officer Karla Thornhill Coleman, MBA. With offices in metro Detroit, Columbus (Ohio), and Washington, D.C., Thornhill is known for partnering with other minority consultants and companies to provide customized teams of communications experts.

“Joining the National Minority Technology Council as an associate member not only opens new vistas for business growth and opportunities, but is a natural outgrowth of Thornhill’s business plan to connect with other entrepreneurs in the expanding minority technology business community,” said Coleman.

Coleman, who earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from The Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan, has been in the business of professional communications, public relations, and marketing for nearly 30 years. She has decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations, including serving 13 years as a corporate spokesperson for General Motors.

“I interfaced daily with some of the most brilliant engineers and designers in the automotive industry in the promotion of new and innovative technology designed specifically for the industry,” she said. “I understand the language of innovation and technology, but I also understand on a visceral level, the communication needs of businesses and firms that are part of this industry.”

The combination of the NMTC’s expansive roster of minority tech firms from one end of the country to the other, along with its steady growth under the stewardship of its founder and Executive Chairman Karl Cureton, made pairing with the association a “no brainer,” Coleman said.

The National Minority Technology Council works to increase owner access to capital and community access to 21st Century STEM education and new innovations in broadband technology. NMTC specializes in researching, organizing and securing procurement contracts for minority owned businesses in the technology industry by building teaming opportunities where minority tech firms each work as prime contractors.

Cureton, said the NMTC welcomes Thornhill Communications into the fold and the organization’s membership includes, but is not limited to, all sectors of the technology industry, as well as service providers, universities, foreign embassies, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies.

“We seek to advance and promote the existence of the great number of Minority Technology Companies located across the US, doing business in the US and globally and bring members into personal and friendly relations with each other to collaborate between companies and interchange ideas on technical, operational, marketing, and policy matters,” he said.

Even as the NMTC serves as a catalyst for collaboration between its organization members, it also conducts public relations and education programs to enhance and improve the public image of minority-owned technology-related businesses, Cureton noted.



Thornhill Communications LLC is a full-service, woman- and minority-owned public relations and marketing consulting firm. The company develops communications strategies for large and small businesses, nonprofits and community-driven organizations across the U.S. utilizing the latest technology and media tools and collaborating with exceptional creative marketing and communications experts — a consortium of a diverse and talented team of writers, editors, project managers, marketing/PR strategists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, event planners, community organizers and more. Located in the metro Detroit area, Columbus (Ohio) and Washington DC, Thornhill offers the following services: strategic planning, key message development, impact writing, speechwriting, editorial, marketing, social media services, branding, graphic design, media relations, social marketing/community outreach, crisis communications, media management, promotional materials, website creation and event production. Karla Thornhill Coleman, founder of Thornhill Communications in 2009, has nearly 30 years of experience in public relations, editorial, strategic planning, marketing and event coordination in automotive, health care and other industries.


The National Minority Technology Council is the primary source for market research on minority technology companies in the US. The Council serves as a single point of contact for both policy and procurement issues. NMTC is a 501c6 non-stock trade association that represents the over 65,000 minority technology employers located in 40 Districts across the US, with an industry aggregated annual sales of over $100 billion. NMTC plays a key role in pooling resources and stakeholders to strengthen minority innovation through public/private partnerships and inclusive procurement solutions.  Our goal is to daily advocate and facilitate new initiatives that create and expand business opportunities for our members.




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