CleRenda McGrady — Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story

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The book is out on Amazon and it’s a BESTSELLER! I worked with CleRenda McGrady and the team at DP Marketing Strategies as editor of Mrs. McGrady’s first book, Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story with forward by her husband NBA star Tracy McGrady. It was an exciting journey. I promised her we would cross the finish line — and we did.

McGrady has a powerful message for woman about the importance of finding your purpose and identity on your own terms and creating your own success story. Many women have ideas, dreams and desire that they carry deep inside, but never pursue. They’re searching for the identity as they carry out the duties of being wives, daughters, mothers or more.

Helping an author transform a great idea, numerous stories and an inspiring message in to her first book was a memorable experience, and I can’t wait for the next one. It’s more than editing — it’s listening and hearing her voice and making sure that voice isn’t lost in the narrative. CleRenda’s passionate about her message and movement and she knew what she wanted to say. That made my job a lot easier. In the end, it’s a good read with lots of personal testimonies and plenty of guidance. Within the first few hours of the release of the ebook, it was a bestseller on Amazon. Go to her website for the direct link to Amazon — and add it to your reading list.

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